5 Guest Blogging Tips

Published on October 8, 2013 by thomasall

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Last modified March 20, 2014

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One of the quickest and best methods for bloggers to use that will help them gain exposure online is to engage in guest blogging. Being a guest blogger simply means that you submit content that you have written to other blogs for publication. Although this form of online engagement may seem easy, there are a few tips that should be taken into consideration before getting started.

Guest Blogging Tips

1. Start off Small

It’s no secret that almost every blogger would like to see their work featured on some of the more popular blogs in their niche. However, it is usually best to start by making guest blogging requests to somewhat smaller blogs first. Many of the smaller blogs will be more than willing to accommodate your request to provide them with content and by doing this, you will be able to build up your portfolio of blogging and writing experience. Once your list of guest posts has grown, you will have more success pitching ideas to the larger blogs in your niche.

2. Be Honest When Guest Blogging

When approaching a blogger with regards to guest blogging, it is important that you provide them with information that is accurate and truthful. Be willing to provide them with links to your work online as well as any social networking profiles you may have as this will help to provide them with a clear indication of your writing style and knowledge on various topics. Always keep your pitch emails relatively short and consider including an article in your email so that they can decide whether to accept it or not.

3. Provide Good Quality Content

Many writers who provide guest blogging content make the mistake of providing sub-par content for publication on other blogs. When submitting your pitches or ideas to fellow bloggers, it is important to provide the best content possible as this will not only improve your chances of being published, it will also provide the best possible exposure for your content published on your own blog or website. Once you have submitted quality content to a blogger, chances are that they may even request more guest blogging content from you in the future.

4. Read before Guest Posting

A blogger will immediately be able to tell from your pitch email whether you have spent time reading the content on their blog or not. Chances are that they will simply ignore you if you email them with a generic pitch request. Taking the time to read the content already on their blogs will give you a feel for the style and type of content they require. It will also show the blogger that you are genuinely interested in the content they provide and that you are not only offering to supply guest blogging content for your own benefit. It may also be a good idea to see what type of SEO methods are used in existing content so that you can implement them in your pitches.

5. Be Patient

Once you have submitted your guest blogging pitches, you will need to wait for a response. While some bloggers may respond almost immediately, others can take a few days or even weeks before they respond. This is especially true of the more popular blogging sites, as they receive hundreds of emails each day. Although it can be frustrating to sit back and wait for a response, this may be the best course of action to take as the more popular bloggers may not have time to respond to numerous email requests.

After having a few guest blogging requests accepted, you will soon begin to notice an improvement in traffic levels to your own blog. In some instances, it may be as a result of back links that have been created between their blogs and yours or simply because their readers are interested in finding out more about you. Either way, providing guest posts that are of a consistently high quality will be beneficial to you as well as the blogs you have written for.

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