How to Fall in Love

Published on October 9, 2013 by thomasall

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Falling in love with someone is a dream come true for a lot of people. Some think it is possible only if it is written in one’s fate, others leave it to destiny. However, falling in love is something that can happen at your will. Yes, it is for you to decide!

Falling in love

Love is defined as a strong affection for another person arising out of kinship or personal ties. Love can be spontaneous or it may take a million years for the person to realise that they are in love. It is not something that one can force oneself into. It just happens.

“But, how?” must have been the first question that popped up into your mind. The first thing that one must remember is that it can happen only when there is a someone. “So, how to find your someone?”. There is only one way, and that is to meet a lot of people. Keep meeting someone every day. In this day and age of social networking that can never be a challenge

How to Fall in LoveOnce you have found your guy/ girl, the next big thing is being patient. It may sound stupid, but it is the most effective tool. Give it some time, and they will realise that your company is something they can’t abstain from. During this phase, you can also try to decipher the real person inside your someone. Read them, understand them.

When you feel its time (which should only be after enough perseverance and patience), just take the big step. Ask them out. Needless to say, the remaining portion of this “How to Fall in Love” article is worth reading only if you have been successful at this particular stage. But, trust me, you will be if you have given it enough time.

Once you are dating, it does not mean that you are in the safe zone. However, now you are more close to the person, just open up, be yourself when you are with them. In Joey Tribbiani’s words, “It’s all about sharing and caring and giving and receiving.”

Again when the right time comes, don’t hesitate to express yourself. Yes, say the big words. Nothing can be more romantic that the very words that form the foundation of every relationship. Tell them that you love them. The 3 words “I LOVE YOU”, when said in the right way, deliver more emotions than is possible through any literature.

Next part of being in love is probably the most difficult part. You need to respect your love. Honor it. And if need be, defend it. Let your companion know that you will be there for them. Make them feel that life with you is an entirely new experience that they can never compromise for anything. This is what they call, Intoxicated by Love.

At this point, you might become a bit sceptic about your relationship. This is totally normal. But never stop believing in your love. Questions like “Is he the one?” and “Am I with the right person?” are sure to surface. Outlive these confusions and keep in mind how precious what you have is.

Finally, keep your love young, fresh and energetic. Make every day feel as if it were your first day together. Gradual decay of a relationship is like rust, it happens extremely slowly, and totally destroys the essence of a relationship. People may be drifting apart and they may not even notice it.

Don’t go looking for love. It will come to you. It WILL find you. This ensures that you don’t fall in love for the wrong reasons. Momentary attractions and instantaneous infatuation are just a by–product. Be careful that physical attractions don’t blind you and look deeper for inner beauty. It stays in the long run.

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