How To Install WordPress

Published on October 8, 2013 by thomasall

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Last modified October 10, 2013

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Install WordPressWordPress is popular for its easy installation. Under most of the circumstances, installing WordPress is a very simple process and takes only a few minutes. There are many websites offering different types of tools, which automatically install WordPress. If you are interested in setting a blogging platform or website, installing WordPress can be very beneficial. In the past people used to fear because they were new to the web world. There were not many options available but today you will find a wide range of options to manage your websites and make it look good.

In 2013, installation scripts and automated software were introduced which made installation of WordPress much easier. You can complete the entire installation process yourself. This will only take less than eight minutes. There are no complicated instructions and codes, which confuse many like in certain software.

Here is the complete guide to installing WordPress on your websites. It is recommended that before installation you have your domain name and web host registered.

Instructions to install WordPress with a cPanel Hosting Account

Step one

Go to your cpanel. You will easily get this page by just typing ““. Replace with your web address.

Step two

Log in with username and enter password. You must have selected one to setup your domain name and web hosting.

Step three

There will be a quick install icon. It will be present down your page. There will be plenty of icons, which might confuse you. Ignore all of them and look for the icon, which will have a shape of stopwatch saying quick install. After locating it just click on it.

Step four

Then click on the tab WordPress. This tab will be present on the upper left side of the screen. When prompted click on the button “continue”

Step five

Now there will be small field/forms, which you will have to fill. Only fill the fields with instructions and ignore all the others. Start with blog titles. This is your website name as what you want to call it.

Step six

Now seek the email field and add your primary address in the field. Keep this carefully in your mind that the email address you will enter here will forward all of your notices, and forget password requests. Make it the primary one. Once you have filled all the fields completely, click the install button. Let the software do its work after that.

These are the six simple steps, which you can follow to install WordPress on your websites and blogs. WordPress is widely becoming popular and competes with Drupal and Joomla. You either can incorporate WordPress on your existing website or totally base a new website on WordPress. There are many websites present on the internet from where you can download WordPress and then install on your websites. Whatever the method you choose, it will be good to download WordPress from a secured site. You can also take help of your web host for installing WordPress.

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