How to Whiten Your Teeth

Published on October 9, 2013 by thomasall

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Last modified March 20, 2014

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A beautiful smile can solve a hundred problems. A beautiful smile can be that way only if you have sparkling teeth. Whiteness of the teeth is a symbol of hygiene, and speaks highly about the person’s character. Deficiency of essential nutrients may cause your teeth to lose their lustre. But in all other cases, with proper care you can easily make your teeth sparkling white.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening toothpastes

A lot of whitening toothpastes are easily available in the market. These are most likely to contain considerable amounts of fluorine, thus people who are allergic to fluorine should first consult a physician before directly using it.

Always make sure that you go for a well reputed brand while selecting your toothpaste. Check whether the brand has the approval of various Dental Associations. Also be sure that you take a look at the ingredients of your whitening toothpaste and ascertain the presence of substance known as the Blue Covarine. It is a chemical agent that binds teeth and provides a lustre.

Use of Whitening trays

Teeth WhiteningCertain teeth whitening kits are also available in the markets these days. These can be used at times of distress, like when you have to look great for an upcoming ceremony, and the time is limited. In such situations, use of these kits are sure to provide quick results.

Put a few drops of peroxide gel into the whitening trays and spread them evenly over the inside surface of the tray. Then slowly and carefully insert the whitening tray into your mouth such that each teeth fits right into the crevices meant for it. Certain teeth whitening (tannbleking) trays have clip-ons that cling onto your teeth and other just stick to the teeth and stay in position.

Leave the tray on for some time, depending on the whitening gel used. After removing the whitening tray, brush your teeth again. Make sure that no amount of the whitening gel is leftover inside your mouth. Rinse your mouth a lot using water.

Brushing and Flossing

The method adopted by people for brushing their teeth is extremely diverse. It changes from person to person. But the way in which a person moves the toothbrush inside the mouth, determines the cleanliness, healthiness and lustre of the teeth. The method that is conventionally thought as the best way to brush your teeth is to move the tooth brush up and down against your teeth.

The teeth should be closed shut and the brush must be moved up and down against it throughout the entire array, on the outside. The very same way of movement of the brush must be carried out now with the mouth wide open and the teeth must be brushed in this manner from the inside. Make sure that you brush in this manner for at least twice in a day.

Teeth Whitening strips and pens

These are cosmetic items that can be bought off the shelf at any drug store. Before the use of teeth whitening strips, brush your teeth and floss it. Then gently put on the strip over your teeth. Leave them on for the prescribed time as indicated by the package. Rinse well after removing.

Whitening pens are similar to marker pens, except that they can be used inside your mouth and extremely helpful in times when all other options seem to fail. It ensures quick and efficient whitening of the teeth. You can also get your teeth whitened at your dentist’s office.

Maintaining your white Smile

This is the most important step in having lustrous teeth. Make sure that you abstain from the consumption of items that directly cause the deterioration of the colour of the teeth. These include alcohol, cigarette and chocolate. Follow these steps and within no time your smile will be winning hearts.

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