How To Make Your Bar Truly Unique

Published on October 20, 2013 by Guest Author

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Last modified March 20, 2014

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Although opening your own bar may be one of your greatest dreams, it’s imperative to know that starting a bar business comes along with a series of challenges, including the inability to cover a large startup investment, acerb competition and lack of experience in running a complex business.


Additionally, you can turn your bar into a unique establishment only if you manage to combine specific elements that guarantee success, such as a good location, excellent service, comfortable bentwood chairs and great entertainment options, with some truly creative ideas.

How to Create an Amazing Bar

Standing apart from the rest can be very difficult especially in a business niche that boasts a variety of impressive ideas. However, there are a few things you can do to turn your bar into a resounding success.

  • Choose a Theme: An interesting strategy would be to select a fairytale, fun or shocking theme for your bar. By simply choosing the right theme, you can create the intriguing atmosphere that most people are searching for these days. A great example is the HR Giger Bar in Switzerland. Complemented with an interesting skeletal setting that includes vertebrae arches and torture devices, this bar invites people inside the belly of a surreal beast – considered a shocking, darkly elegant décor by most visitors.
  • Meet Expectations: By meeting the expectations of your “neighbors,” you can easily turn your first clients into repeat customers and even brand ambassadors. London’s Greenwich Union is ready to prove that meeting the expectations of the people who live in your neighborhood is the way to go when opening your own bar. Stocked with a wide and interesting selection of drinks that are complemented with a relaxed ambiance and free Wi-Fi, this bar is an enticing haven for the people who live or work in Greenwich town center.
  • Opt for Seasonal Ideas: What could be more attractive than offering your customers some truly unique, unforgettable experiences? And here we’re not talking about organizing promotional events, such as ladies’ night and carnivals, but about turning your bar into a mythical place once in a while. One thing you can do is to transform your bar or its surroundings into an Icebar when the temperature drops below the freezing point or into a wonderful garden bar during summers.
  • Focus on Comfort: Your bar will never be the best if you fail to create an amazing atmosphere. For this, it’s imperative to consider a critical factor: comfort. Salvatore Calabrese, one of the world’s best cocktail bartenders, loves the Connaught Bar in Mayfair not only because it boasts a sophisticated, almost incredible ambiance, but also because it proposes a clever design and great comfort. Notable highlights include a solid wood bar counter, generous and elegant bentwood chairs covered with leather, and playful dim lights trapped inside some superb crystal balls, which perfectly complement the ultra-stylish décor delivered by several walls shimmering in silver leaves.

In addition to all these points, you must have enough passion to run your bar business even when times get tough. Without passion, you won’t be able to keep your doors open too long.

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