Privacy Policy

Privacy PolicyWe believe that the privacy of our readers and visitors should be kept safe and protected. We value every personal information that you will supply on this website, and as the owner of this website, I make sure that transparency will be imposed regarding to the information that you’re going to share. Please be reminded that personal information you will supply will be gathered and saved, and are subjected to future usage probably by us. To make things clear, we make the privacy information policy available in our homepage for your reference. Whatever information you’re going to share will be based on your discretion.

Google Adsense DoubleClick Cookie

This website is in cooperation with Google, and every advertisement you will see from any of our pages are subject to Google’s DoubleClick cookie. Your click or view on any of the ads will give the third-party advertising vendor access to your browser, leaving cookie that will gather information of your browsing activities and history. This will be used for the company’s (Google), evaluation to better understand the advertising trend from websites worldwide.

You can consult Google for additional information regarding the DoubleClick Cookie by visiting this link: Tracking users’ browsing trend through this system is under the responsibility of Google’s own privacy rules, and has no relation with how OdlowTowe Wiki How To Guides operates.

Other existing third-party advertisers may also track or follow your history through this website using their own cookies. This is mainly to explore advertising techniques, and we at OdlowTowe Wiki How To Guides is not responsible for controlling the access of these third-party vendors and whatever other purpose they may have, through your IP address.

Gathering of Personal Data

OdlowTowe Wiki How To Guides has the authority to save the IP address of its visitors, including other information like the date and time stamp of the visit. Our purpose is to obtain information that will help us see the full picture of how the site will be made even more effective based on trends of visitor visits. We also track online users’ activities to determine the average number of visits we have. This information is strictly used within our website. You’re IP address will be kept within our database, and will be used internaly.

How Privacy Policy of Link Third Party Websites Work

The URLs that you can see on this website are published to give credits to our references. These website links are also intended to give you additional reference for better understanding of the information that our website is sharing. OdlowTowe Wiki How To Guides has nothing to do with the privacy policy of these third-party websites, and the policy can be changed under their discretion without our knowledge.

Privacy Policy Changes

Please be reminded that we have the right and full authority to alter or make changes to our privacy policy without prior notice, based on whatever we think is good for the website and our visitors. You may however contact us if you have questions or clarifications regarding our privacy policy.