How To Sell Your Home – Fast

Published on October 20, 2013 by Guest Author

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Last modified March 20, 2014

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Rising prices coupled with lower inventory make today’s real estate market a seller’s market. According to Fannie Mae, 25 percent of home owners are looking to sell in order to take advantage of prices that have steadily climbed since December of 2012. For competitive markets, it’s not uncommon to receive multiple offers on a house, a phenomenon that according to the Wall Street Journal, has not been seen since the collapse in 2006. Thinking about selling? Here are some tips that can help you sell real estate faster.

House for Sale

Remove Favorite Items

In the week or two before your house goes on the market, make sure to remove cherished items that you don’t intend to sell like crystal chandeliers or a hand-crafted door. Haggling over what is truly for sale can complicate negotiations and can even make the buyer walk. Besides buyers aren’t going to value your personal items as much as you do!

Out with the old…

Before showing your home, remove unnecessary and personal items. You want a house to look livable, instead of lived in. Clutter makes rooms look messy and smaller, negative characteristics that you don’t want buyers to associate your house with. Wall paper is so 70’s and you should consider painting rooms with wall paper. Try something light like blue or yellow to open up the room.

In with the new.

Make an old house seem like new again with high quality furniture and appliances in the perfect style. This tactic is called staging and it’s successfully utilized by professional real estate agents and decorators. Pull furniture away from walls and group them together to make cozy nooks. Furniture grouping creates the illusion of more space and also creates natural pathways from room to room. You can also transform useless space like the area under a stair well into a beloved spot by adding affordable home furnishings. In this case, renting furniture to anchor and tie a room together can be a great short-term investment. Shop rent-to-own stores which can offer good rates and allow you to return the item once you have sold your home.

Maximize curb appeal

First impressions, especially in real estate, make a huge difference. Greet potential buyers with a fresh coat of paint, a mowed lawn, and a cleared sidewalk. It’s also important that your house number can be easily seen from the street. If you’re thinking about adding color to your house’s exterior, consider yellow which can evoke a buying emotion. A yellow door or flowers is an affordable and cheerful way to greet buyers and create a positive response.

Clean From Top to Bottom

Your house should sparkle by the first showing. Dirt and grime make a house look older and shabbier than what it really is. Empty rain gutters, scrub floor panels, and remove soap scum—your house inside out and top to bottom will be on display. You may even considering hiring a maid especially since one can clean an entire house for as little as $90.

Rachel Reed is a freelance writer who writes about art, shopping, and internet marketing. Located in Austin, TX, she can be found on weekends spending time at Town Lake with her daughter.

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