How To Throw The Ultimate 21st Century Birthday Party

Published on October 30, 2013 by Guest Author

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Last modified March 20, 2014

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Whilst it doesn’t attract quite the same amount of attention as it used to, a 21st birthday is still an important occasion, one more than worthy of celebration. However, it can be tough to come up with the right idea for your big ‘do, which is why we’ve put together this list of what we think are some of the best 21st birthday options.

Big Birthday Party

Heading abroad

It is without doubt one of the most popular 21st birthday ideas – more and more people are open to idea of heading abroad for their special day. After all, foreign climbs offer everything a party needs to celebrate: beautiful locations, stunning weather and, of course, plenty of drinks! Those who’re still clubbing mad should look into visiting somewhere like Ibiza or Magaluf, where a great time can be had on a fairly modest budget. Those looking for a more cultured birthday should consider somewhere like Paris or Rome. Needless to say, before booking something like this, it’s vital to make sure that everyone can afford to come and is able to get the time off from work.

Head outdoors

If you’re an active bunch, there are a lot of fun birthday activities to be found in the great outdoors. Paintballing is a great laugh (as long as you don’t mind dealing with a couple of bruises here or there!), as is orbing or zorbing. For those prepared to be a bit more extreme, activities such as skydiving offer an adrenaline rush quite unlike anything else in the world. As with the foreign trips, it’s important to remember that not everyone will want to embark on a more physically intense party, so try to cater for everyone before finalising any bookings. The important thing is to obtain a balance between what everyone wants to do.

Head into the big city

If you’ve got a relatively diverse group of friends, then sometimes it can be pretty tough trying to come up with that one special idea that suits everyone. One of the best ways to combat this problem is to head into the big city – London if you’re in the UK, or somewhere like New York if you’re stateside – and try to cover as many different activities as possible. The big cities offer such a wealth of things to do that it’s virtually impossible for someone to not find at least one thing that they enjoy. You can take in everything from fine dining on the river to museums to a football match. What’s more, most big cities offer some form of public transport that will enable you to get around easily (and cheaply).

Have a house party

One thing that never really seems to get dull is a good house party. (Though this does, of course, rely somewhat on finding a couple of brave souls who’re willing to actually hold the party!) A good house party remains a great way to blow off steam, to have some fun and above all to celebrate! Make sure that you line up some classic drinking games, get a barbecue going if the weather is good and be sure to invite as many people as you can, although make sure you know your property’s limits when it comes to putting together the guestlist!

Rent a room in a pub or club

For the big occasions, many of the most social birthday girls and boys still love to rent a room out in a pub or club in order to host their own private function. Most venues will be able to offer rooms for hire, complete with drinks, food, entertainment and everything else you could possible need to have a good time. The rooms can normally be tailored so that the aesthetics are in keeping with the colours that the birthday king or queen loves, and it’s easy to arrange some of their favourite entertainment, with everything from live bands to karaoke easily to set up in almost any venue.

Julie Hinson is the general manager at Partyman, an online party retailer offering all kinds of products to help party planners throw an unforgettable event, regardless of the occasion.

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